T-shirt challenge

For over two decades my friend and I have been sending each other thrift store t-shirts from our various travels. Here are part of his next package. 

For the record, he has been loosing this challenge for over two decades. 

At breakfast in dc

I’m sitting in a very nice restaurant enjoying breakfast two blocks from the capitol building complex. 

The table next to me has seven middle aged white male congressmen (thanks google). All boring haircuts, cheaply made expensive suits and all talking about protests back home. 

“They’re not all paid, but someone organizing that many protesters is being paid by someone,” one of the pouty gray haired ones cries into his coffee. 

“They’re not paid,” said an incredulous second term southern congressman, “its fucking Trump, get real.”

There it was. They won’t say it on the floor, or at district meetings in home states, or during a TV interview, but in the semi-privacy of breakfast, they let their PR talking points fade and talk about the orange faced elephant in the room.