Comcast is still the worst company in the history of worst companies

If you have ever wasted the time to read the meandering and nonsensical words on this blog, you know one thing and one thing only, Comcast and I have had a love/hate relationship for a very long time.
For the past 15 months I paid Comcast for high speed internet that was predictable, and on a daily schedule, a lot closer to dialup. I would call Comcast and they would respond by promising to do everything in their power to fix the problem. Literally I would have a Comcast technician over to my house and every single time, not a dang thing changed. Not once did they fix the problem, which is what I came to expect. That said, Comcast proved efficient in billing me for their terrible and inadequate service.
Then last month my house burned down and that was the end of Comcast.
Or so I thought. Today I moved into a temporary apartment and of course I had scheduled to have the super high speed internet only available from Comcast turned on. Of course they promised to send out a technician who would do this sort of thing. Now if you ever watch the big dumb TV you have in your favorite room you have probably witnessed a slew of Comcast commercials where they brag about this new service where they promise to be at your side in a two hour window to take care of whatever ails you.
So, of course, Comcast set a time to stop by my apartment and turn on the magic internet machine. 2:30-4:30 was their magic window. When I called the worst company in the history of all the worst companies in history and asked why no magical technician had bothered to show up, the good person explained to me that the technician screwed up.
Imagine that. Well, those Comcast people do know how to lie, so the Comcast phone guy promised me that next Monday another well trained and prompt technician would stop by and internet my life.
Because I trust Comcast like I trust a brain tumor, I offered a compromise, “what say you get your drunken, irresponsible technician to drop by tomorrow?”
Well, of course Comcast offered that, because you and I both know that will never happen. That said, even if one of the amazingly belligerent Comcast technicians does bother to set up some sort of internet machine tomorrow, one thing you could bet every single dollar you have ever had in your possession is this, the promised speed of the Comcast internet system will be just shy of dialup.


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