I ask

I used to have a part of my bucket list that had me laying strapped to a gurney, a broken bone in my spine, pushed into a well lit closet in a trauma unit of a major city hospital, with my eyes fixated on a clock hanging on a blank wall just within my sight, as unknown doctors patrolled the aisles outside of the room. I could see the minutes roll by until 20 had passed, laying in excruciating pain, no medical personal in the same room, and as my mouth dried from recent smoke damage and my back screaming in vile pain and as per my bucket list posting, I would begin screaming out “help” in hopes than any medical professional within earshot would respond. But because my bucket list is a little S and M project, I would lay there for another 15 minutes periodically screaming help, but the busy white coated doctors and their assorted staffs would fail to respond.

A week ago, for whatever reason, I was able to mark that particular adventure off my bucket list, thanks in large part of the careless and moronic staff at Allegheny General Hospital. For those moments of sublime torture, I thank them for their inaction. One more thing I can remove from my list.


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