Shirt mitzvah – or why you should trust strangers

I learned something important this week, that is – you should always trust strangers you meet on the internet.
First a quick slap of recent history. I posted some pictures of t-shirts I was about to send to a friend of mine as part of a decades long competition where each of us continually send the other fabulous and unique shirts we find during our various travels. The photos contained one shirt that someone who happened upon my blog found awesome.
So, we corresponded back and forth, and soon enough I was sending a seemingly nice midwesterner the shirt he could no longer live without. He promised to send me some mystery t-shirt that I was sure would be equally amazing. Yesterday I received the shirt he sent and today I got an email from my internet friend who expressed happiness with his shirt.
Meanwhile I also packaged up and sent a box stuffed with remarkable and beautiful shirts to my friend in New York. The lesson I learned is that the world is filled with a vast majority of nice people who do nice things.


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