Elections really do have consequences

Be careful who you vote for, because sometimes the exact person you would never want serving your election needs is the exact person who gets elected.
A small bit of history. On November 5th of this past year I wandered over to out local polling place and voted on a couple of local issues that seemed important to me. Of course, the ballot was littered with all sorts of meaningless offices, supreme court, dog catcher, you get the idea, that I just don’t have time for. So in most of those instances I wrote my dogs name down and did not give it a second thought.
Then, by complete disregard for any sort of social contract, I wrote my own name down for a position I did not even know existed, I believe it was director of local elections, or something confusing like that.
Today I got an official letter from the State of Pennsylvania, along with a very official document from the Commonwealth, telling me I am now a Majority Inspector for Election, a four year term. A position I was elected to by, get this, one vote.
So, of course, knowing nothing about this job and it’s duties means I will soon be running for congress, since that is the only prerequisite for that particular job now days.


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