A million years ago

The magic of young girls is they can wheel themselves to the front of a stage and charm a fathers rock idol and a long time ago my young daughters did just that, standing just inches from the stage in Seattle where a young and handsome Billy Bragg stood, playing his guitar and singing his political songs. At one point he looked out, saw these little beautiful wonders and asked if they had a favorite song they would like to hear.
Now, my daughters were subjected to hours and hours of sing-a-longs to Billy Bragg’s music and one would think that a million song titles would fall right out of their mouths, but instead, they stood there, motionless, wordless and silent. He waited, I waited, they waited.
For us, as a family, I always thought Power in a Union was a song for us, although it really was not, but I liked it. On that day in Seattle Billy Bragg went about his concert, unable to cajole a song out of my daughters, but if they had bothered to come up with a single song that would have been a choice for them, for us, it should have been this one.
So, today seems like the perfect day to remember that there is power in a union.


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