Not so black friday

I have never done a “Black Friday” zombie sort of experience thing. I don’t like lines, I don’t like dumb people and I don’t really get the entire concept of lemming behavior, but since I am always on the prowl of a new experience, I put on some blackface make-up and woke up early this morning and drove to our local WalMart super shopping big box crapfest shopping experience.
Imagine my surprise to be the only person to be wearing blackface makeup for Black Friday. Did no one else get the memo? How could I be the only one who thought about dressing up for this major American event?
Lucky for me, I happen to be in Mississippi and most of the people in line at WalMart just sort of laughed uncomfortably and a few took my picture.
So what did I learn from the masses of people massing at a store filled with junk made by slave labor children in a far off country? I learned nothing. People are strange, strange for waking up very early for deals on stuff they probably don’t need.
When I was a kid we were so poor that I used to get a pair of socks as a holiday gift. A single sock if things were not going well. The concept of running off to a store at some ungodly hour to buy terribly made stuff just to wrap in ugly paper to give to people I may not even respect is just insane to me.
That said, I did buy 4 large flat screen TV’s and 14 video game control systems, because I just got caught up in the whole shopping experience. That and I knew that once I left the safe confines of WalMart, those angry people in the parking lot were going to beat the living daylights out of me for my awful choice of makeup techniques.


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