Final Keggo available

Sad but true. The final Keggo box (tube) for 2013 is now available. The others, only 5-6, were available on Etsy but those ones sold out and are gone, well, one was stolen.
Still, this is it. The last one.
So, you must keep asking yourself, why a Keggo? Why now?
The answer is obvious, I have no clue.
All I know is, when I was a very young child I would ask my daddy, I would say, “daddy, I need a five dollar to go to movie” (that’s how we talked back then) and he would say, “go check the Keggo.”
See, when I was a kid, I thought everyone had a Keggo container that held cash and when you needed money for a movie or an ice cream or other incidental expense, you would ask the nearest parent and they would, off-handedly, say, “go check the Keggo.”
So, when my mail-order children began to show up in crates, bags and sometimes via crashing blimp, the only way I could silence their constant belittling, bullying and crazy chanting was to announce, “Keggo pizza night.” They would line up like lemmings, one would check the Keggo box and we would get in the buses (at that point I seemed to have a hundred or so children) and off we would go for pizza.
The bottom line, a Keggo with cash is important.
So important that strangers from strange lands have picked up the fine Keggo’s offered recently on Etsy. Except this last one, which was finished yesterday.
You want it?
Get on over to the Etsy site and get on it.
Oh, and to answer the super important question, will there be more Keggos in the near future? Yes and no.


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