Sketchy texts

I was almost asleep last night and my phone buzzed, so I grabbed it off the night stand and read the new text message. Something about “I hope you are well” and some gibberish about something I did not find interesting. All from a number that remained unrecognizable in my contacts. It was a Seattle area code and at one time, I lived in Seattle, so some people still have my number, apparently.
So, at some point in the last decade, I dated only sore losers, drunks, addicts and psychopaths and sometimes all at the same time. So people have my phone number, which I have meant to change and which I am about to finally get around to doing.
Not knowing what sort of drunken moron would text me late on a Friday night, I responded with, “I don’t know you and I think you have texted the wrong person.”
I went back to bed and then my phone jangled again. Some new texts from this same passive aggressive unknown stalker, wondering if I still despised him/her.
I don’t carry around emotions for people I don’t know or care about, so I explained how I once spent a year or two dating damaged morons, but I was over it and would appreciate some silence.
That was the end. I did wake up wondering who this person could be, but not for long. I deleted the texts and blocked the number, because in the end, we throw away relationships for a variety of reasons, but we throw them away. Whatever sort of addicted, needy, non-necessary person texting me late at night obviously was one of those smart moves to disengage with.
So, a message to people of all kinds, when you have no reason to contact someone, try not to create one. People move on and forget about mistakes.


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