Something strange this way came

I, like you, get strange emails from time to time. This morning, while quietly celebrating my 28th birthday for the umpteenth time, I opened an email from someone I did not know and found this jaunty little video attached. I liked it until I realized I was in it. Then I tried to remember the last time I had coffee with someone with a camera.


One thought on “Something strange this way came

  1. I like the song though it’s a tad bit monotonous. But until you get to the coffee shop part, and your image (I assume)- the video’s kind of boring, LOL. Nice shot of you, I think – though idk what you REALLY look like, of course. However. Really WEIRD to get that as a b’day email. Did you figure out who made the video?? I think I’d be kind of PEEVED at someone posting of video of me like that without asking, not that there was anything negative or unflattering about it. But still, didn’t you feel a tiny bit annoyed? After all, what if it didn’t depict you in a positive light? I recall a certain birthday of mine when I upchucked on a cop (yeah, really happened, and I blogged about it at: if you’re interested). It’s funny NOW, but…maybe not so much if it were like the day, after, YA KNOW? Or maybe, that’s just me…:)
    Thanks for sharing!

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