Bucket list

I hardly ever think of my bucket list anymore because all my most recent checkups are so super healthy, I will last forever, if not longer. So, I keep adding more things on and not giving much thought to working on removing any of the thousands of accomplishments I already have listed, although to be honest, I did mark off one last week, “#2017-run for president of Venezuela, which I did, came in 3rd.” and yes, I am asking for a recount.

The reason I am thinking of bucket lists is because I am driving to New York City for the last time, because you have to be incredibly stupid to ever drive to New York City anymore, and so I will have a car in New York City for the last time and one of those pesky items on my Bucket List is riding my speedy cycle from one end of Manhattan to the other. Spring is a good time for a bike ride in New York.

That said, I am going to New York City to get in a bar fight with hooligans, which is 43 on my bucket list, which will probably leave me no shape to ride a bike. #43 is certainly a priority over #1704, the silly bike ride. I’ll report back next week, meekly typing with my swollen and bloody fists of fury.


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